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As a home or business owner, there are many questions that need answering. “How much insulation do I need in my attic?” “How much does attic insulation cost?” These questions and many more can be answered simply by setting up an appointment for spray foam insulation in Warner Robins through Warner Robins Spray Foam Insulation.

We have been in the insulation business for years, providing quality spray foam installations for businesses and residences alike. Here are some of the most important questions asked so you can determine whether spray foam insulation in Warner Robins is for you.

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The Scoop (or the Spray?) on Spray Foam Insulation

The first question that bears asking is just what is spray foam insulation? We know that insulation is what keeps outside air from getting in through attic spaces or roofs, making the HVAC system within work harder to regulate temperature

Insulation in Warner Robins is just as it sounds: a type of insulation that is sprayed on. This contrasts with the rolls of insulation that the vast majority of us are most familiar with.

Spray foam is chemical-based, applied using a spray. This insulation is used to insulate floors, ceiling cavities, and walls. Since it is so uniquely structured, SPF insulation in Warner Robins doesn’t sag, settle, or compress even over long periods of time.

Because of its structure, it is perfect to keep your home insulated in the long term. But the question then becomes: do you go with open- or closed-cell spray foam in Warner Robins?

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What is Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation?

The difference between open- and closed-cell spray foam insulation is in the cell structure. Each has small cells that are very similar to bubbles. The name is accurate in that the cells are “open”, which means that air and water can pass through.

There are more than a few benefits to going with open-cell spray foam. Here are the biggest benefits to be had for this type of spf insulation in Warner Robins:

  • Cost Effective: The most common reason that home and business owners choose open-cell insulation in Warner Robins is due to the cost difference. Open-cell is substantially cheaper than its counterpart making it the preferred choice more often than not.

  • More Flexible: Closed-cell foam insulation is pretty rigid. Having a more flexible spf insulation in Warner Robins would be ideal for limiting air seepage. That is because it can fill in the tougher spots to reach, particularly in attic spaces.

  • Greater Expansion: When it comes to the installation, the thing to like about open-cell foam insulation is that it can expand quite a bit. That makes it much more ideal for tough-to-reach areas and filling in small cracks. Which also means making the airtight seal that can make for a more effective insulation installation.


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What is Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation?

Closed-cell insulation in Warner Robins, on the other hand, has closed cells (as the name implies). The most noticeable difference between it and open-cell is in the rigidity of the insulation.

Like open-cell spf insulation, there are more than a few benefits to be had from closed-cell insulation in Warner Robins.

  • Better Structural Integrity: One major benefit to the rigidity of this kind of spf insulation in Warner Robins is that it can actually lend to the structural integrity of the building. Not to mention the fact that it is also rated for fire as well.

  • Vapor Barrier: Aside from rigidity, perhaps the biggest difference between open- and closed-cell spf insulation in Warner Robins is that the latter acts as a vapor barrier. That means no moisture or water will get into the building and that the foam itself won’t experience damage from water. The same cannot be said for open-cell insulation.

  • Better R-Value: The R-value of insulation is how well it blocks out radiation from the UV rays the sun projects. The better the R-value, the more effective it is at deflecting those rays away. Which means less heat getting trapped in your home during the summer or from getting out in the winter.

Spray Foam Insulation Installers Warner Robins

Why Spray Foam in Warner Robins is For You

No matter which option you choose, having a spf insulation in Warner Robins done on your home or business is the right decision. Older, outdated foam insulation is less effective and can lead to higher than normal energy costs.

By having the right insulation in Warner Robins installed on your property, you can ensure that you gain maximum efficiency. That not only means saving money on your energy bills, but extending the life of your HVAC system as well.

On top of that, spray foam insulation is much more durable and reliable than traditional insulation. Not to mention that it is much more environmentally friendly than that old, outdated insulation.

The key is to have the installation done by a professional and there is no one better than Warner Robins Spray Foam Insulation. We have been in the business for years and understand that, with other options out there, we have to be the best that we can to gain your trust.

We believe in the products that we use and the services that we provide. If you want to make the switch to spf insulation in Warner Robins, all it takes is a quick call or email to get started.

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If you think that it may be time to move on from your old insulation, give us a call today. Making the switch from that old, outdated insulation to new, more efficient insulation can be the best move that you make.

Call our team and discuss what your options are to have spf insulation in Warner Robins done today. It is the first step towards better heating and cooling efficiency for your home or business.

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